Tom's Election [Fraud] News

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: You’ll Never Guess Where the Headquarters of the Multimillion Dollar GBI Strategies LLC Is Located? Gateway PunditAug 10, 2023 Citizen Mailed Ballots Voter Registration

Exclusive: Arizona, Virginia Voters Demand Election Officials Correct Their States’ Erroneous Voter Rolls The FederalistAug 10, 2023 ERIC Legislation Voter Registration

Texas' withdraws from multi-state voter database over transparency concern KTRH Local Houston and Texas NewsJul 31, 2023 ERIC

Nebraska Law Implements Voters’ Demand for More Secure Elections The Heritage FoundationJul 27, 2023 Ballot Harvesting Legislation Mailed Ballots Voter ID

The Left’s Elections ‘Fortification’ in 2024 The American ConservativeJul 24, 2023 Brennen Center Citizen Drop Boxes Mailed Ballots Propaganda USPS Voter Registration Zuckerbucks

Why Elections are Manipulated - Part II of II of the Origins of Election Rigging Substack: Seth KeshelJul 16, 2023 Analysis

Why Are "Uncertifiable" Voting Systems Being Used To Administer Elections In Florida? The Miami IndependentJul 15, 2023 Certification RICO Security Voting Machines

How Long Has Election Corruption Been Going On? Behind the Blue Wall (Part I of II) Substack: Seth KeshelJul 12, 2023 Analysis

New Database Shows a Single Vote Has Altered Outcomes in Hundreds of Elections The Daily SignalJul 12, 2023 Election Crime

Conservatives Fight Secretive Biden Voting Order as 'Bidenbucks' -- Federal 'Zuckbucks' on Steroids Real Clear InvestigationsJul 6, 2023 Legislation Non-Profit Propaganda Voter Registration Zuckerbucks

Retired Postal Worker Describes How the Post Office Helped Steal the 2020 Election American Liberty ReportJul 5, 2023 Ballot Stuffing Mailed Ballots Voter Registration

A Shocking Analysis of Election Night Reporting and the Companies That Manufacture Election Results Joe HoftJul 1, 2023 Algorithm Analysis Ballot Stuffing Draza Edison Election Assistance Commission Election Night Reporting Jeff O’Donnell Konnech Propaganda Scytl True the Vote

Democrats accuse anyone questioning the 2020 election of being conspiracy theorists One American News (video)Jun 29, 2023 Propaganda

One Illegal Vote Can Change the Outcome of an Election The Heritage FoundationJun 13, 2023 Election Crime

Gaslighting from Soros-backed MLG on election integrity reaches new levels Pinion PostJun 12, 2023 CEIR Citizen David Becker ERIC Pew Propaganda Soros

House Republicans Shine A Light On Foreign Interference In D.C. Elections The FederalistJun 7, 2023 Ballot Harvesting Citizen Election Assistance Commission Mailed Ballots Voter ID

Postal Service Releases Final Report – Contract Driver Jesse Morgan Vindicated – Report CONFIRMS He Hauled Trailer of Ballots from NY to PA in Late October 2020 Gateway PunditJun 5, 2023 Ballot Stuffing Ballot Trafficking Chain of Custody USPS

The Texas Attorney General’s office raided the Starr County Elections Department myRGV.comJun 1, 2023 Ballot Harvesting Election Crime

Left Seeks to Extend Voting to Prisoners, Noncitizens to Expand Base The Daily SignalMay 26, 2023 Citizen Prison

Republicans Use House Committee Hearing To Demolish Democrats’ Bogus Election Lies The FederalistMay 25, 2023 Propaganda Zuckerberg Zuckerbucks

Secure Democracy Influence WatchApr 27, 2023 Felon Non-Profit Prison

The Left Mines For Votes in America’s Prisons Restoration NewsApr 21, 2023 Brennen Center Legislation Non-Profit Voter Registration

From Switzerland with Cash: Hansjorg Wyss, the Left’s Most Secretive Mega-Donor Restoration NewsApr 6, 2023 Arabella Non-Profit

Inside Democrats’ Best-Kept Secret: Mass Nonprofit Voter Registration (Pt. 1) Restoration NewsMar 8, 2023 Mailed Ballots Non-Profit Voter Registration

Another Study Refutes Left’s False Claims Against Voter ID and Secure Elections The Daily SignalFeb 10, 2023 Propaganda Voter ID

This Maryland Town Just Became The Next Battleground In Democrats’ Push To Let Minors Vote The FederalistJan 27, 2023 16 Year Old Voters Citizen

Election Fraud Database Tops 1,400 Cases The Daily SignalJan 17, 2023 Ballot Trafficking Election Crime Mailed Ballots Voter ID Voter Registration

PROTECTING AMERICANS’ FREEDOM TO VOTE Secure Democracy USAOct 28, 2022 Drop Boxes Election Night Reporting Non-Profit Prison Propaganda


Center for Voter Information (CVI) Influence WatchJul 18, 2022 Mailed Ballots Non-Profit Propaganda Voter Registration

Inbox: Legislation To Protect Vote for Eligible Incarcerated Voters on Baker’s Desk DIG BostonJun 22, 2022 Felon Non-Profit

End “Prison-Based Gerrymandering” NAACP.orgJun 13, 2022 Non-Profit Prison Propaganda

Voter Participation Center (VPC) Influence WatchMay 24, 2022 Citizen Mailed Ballots Non-Profit Voter Registration

Man indicted for voter fraud in Iowa mayoral race ending in tie KCCI NewsMay 7, 2022 Election Crime

Philanthropy’s Role in the Movement to Reimagine Criminal Justice Restoration of AmericaMar 1, 2022 Felon Non-Profit Voter Registration

The Left Suffers a Big Defeat in Their Efforts to Damage Election Security The Heritage FoundationDec 1, 2021 Voter ID Voter Registration

Prison Gerrymandering Undermines Our Democracy Brennen CenterOct 22, 2021 Prison

Draza Smith: Election Fraud on Cruise Control? Rumble: The Professor’s RecordJul 28, 2021 Algorithm Security Voting Machines

Florida inquiry clears Bloomberg over felons voting case WRIC NewsMay 5, 2021 Felon Non-Profit

Mandatory Voting Is Authoritarian The Daily SignalDec 4, 2020 Mailed Ballots Non-Profit Propaganda

7 Ways the 2005 Carter-Baker Report Could Have Averted Problems With 2020 Election The Daily SignalNov 20, 2020 Ballot Harvesting Election Night Reporting Mailed Ballots Voter ID Voter Registration

70 percent of Republicans don’t think the election was free and fair PoliticoNov 9, 2020 Election Confidence Mailed Ballots

GOP Raises Concern About Voting Practices in Pennsylvania The Daily SignalNov 3, 2020 Mailed Ballots

Fair Elections Center Influence WatchJul 13, 2020 Non-Profit Propaganda Voter Registration

Carter Center Statement on Voting by Mail for 2020 U.S. Elections The Carter CenterMay 6, 2020 Mailed Ballots Propaganda

Assisting Voters in Jail Campaign Legal CenterNov 1, 2019 Prison

‘Dangerous and Foolish’: How Legal Vote Harvesting Prompts Illegal Conduct by Political Operatives The Daily SignalOct 24, 2019 Ballot Harvesting Election Crime Legislation

Vote Harvesting: A Recipe for Intimidation, Coercion, and Election Fraud The Heritage FoundationOct 9, 2019 Ballot Harvesting Election Crime Mailed Ballots Voter Registration

The Myth of Voter Fraud The Brennen CenterJul 25, 2019 Brennen Center Mailed Ballots Propaganda

19 Arrests Later, a Texas Town Is Torn Apart Over Voter Fraud The Daily SignalJun 17, 2019 Ballot Harvesting Election Crime Legislation

Elec­tion Fraud Unit Arrests Nine Alleged Par­tic­i­pants of an Orga­nized Ille­gal Vot­ing Scheme in Edinburg Texas Attorney GeneralNov 8, 2018 Election Crime Voter Registration

Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States ViceJul 17, 2018 Election Assistance Commission ES&S Modem Remote Access Security

Former Eatonville mayor found guilty of voting fraud, election violations Orlando SentinelJun 5, 2018 Election Crime

AG Pax­ton’s Office Con­tin­ues Inves­ti­ga­tion of Ille­gal Vot­ing Scheme Tied to City of Edin­burg’s 2017 Election Texas Attorney GeneralMay 30, 2018 Election Crime

AG Pax­ton’s Office to Pros­e­cute Nine Counts of Vot­er Fraud from Nue­ces County Texas Attorney GeneralMar 7, 2018 Ballot Harvesting Election Crime Mailed Ballots

AG Pax­ton Announces Sig­nif­i­cant Vot­er Fraud Ini­tia­tive and Offers Assis­tance in Address­ing Starr Coun­ty Vot­er Fraud Texas Attorney GeneralFeb 2, 2018 Election Crime Mailed Ballots Voter Registration

Corruption On The Border: Dismantling Misconduct In The Rio Grande Valley NPRJul 6, 2015 Ballot Harvesting Election Crime

Former Mayor of Martin Sentenced to 90 Months for Civil Rights Offenses, Fraud, Vote Buying, and Identity Theft FBI.govDec 16, 2014 Election Crime

Carter promotes requirement of voter ID Dalton Daily CitizenOct 18, 2014 Propaganda Voter ID Voter Registration

Clinton and Obama disagree on Florida, Michigan revote ReutersMar 12, 2008 Mailed Ballots

Congress Blasé About Carter-Baker Roll CallSep 19, 2005 HAVA Legislation Mailed Ballots Voter ID Voter Registration